Use and standard classification of stainless steel belts

The stainless steel strip is an extension of the ultra-thin stainless-steel plate. In fact, it's also a sort of plate utilized in industry, but it's different from ordinary plate, its shape is longer. the applying field is additionally different from ordinary plate. At present, there are many sorts of chrome steel belt, there also are many various production standards. it's been employed in many fields.

There are many forms of  stainless  steel, if per the quality, it may be divided into 201 steel belt, 304 steel belt, 316 steel belt so on. Each standard steel strip is totally different in thickness, length, etc. But they need the quality range stipulated by the phase, the thickness is mostly between 0.02mm and 4mm. If in accordance with differing kinds of points, stainless-steel belt in China are often divided into stainless-steel coil belt, chrome steel spring belt, chrome steel cold rolling belt and chrome steel polishing belt and then on. Similarly, different stainless steels have different application fields. Most stainless-steel belts are employed in construction, industrial production and other fields. chrome steel belt has many excellent characteristics, like its heat resistance, deformation resistance, corrosion resistance, so it is utilized in construction and other industries.

Different stainless-steel belt features

Cold rolled strip: cold rolled strip may be a special treatment of  stainless steel products, it's supported stainless-steel strip as raw materials, at temperature after cold rolling machine processing and formed another accessory industrial steel products. In standard, the quality specification of cold rolled strip is between 0.1mm ~ 3mm thickness, width is between 100mm ~ 2000mm; In most cases, the assembly of cold rolled tape cannot exceed this range. Otherwise, it'll affect plenty of states when it's used. Cold rolled strip with smooth surface, flat, high dimensional accuracy and good mechanical properties and other excellent characteristics, is usually processed into rolls, and is processed into coated plate. within the tractor, automobile and other industrial manufacturing, cold rolled strip is widely used.

Hot rolled strip: Hot rolled strip is another kind of chrome steel strip. Its thickness is 1.80mm-6.00mm, and its width is between 50mm-1200mm. Hot rolling strip is another reasonably steel strip processed by hot steel mill. it's low hardness, easy processing, good ductility and other excellent characteristics, so it's often used as a skinny plate.

Silicon steel strip: Silicon steel strip is another sort of chrome steel strip that has its own grain orientation structure. it's often wont to manufacture various power transformers, pulse transformer converters and other industrial electrical equipment with working frequency above 400Hz.

Structural strip: The structural strip are going to be heat treated on delivery, but might not be heat treated if the specifications of the strip are met. The scope of use of steel belt is incredibly large, the number of use is additionally very large, for instance, it's widely utilized in automobile manufacturing, aviation, aerospace and other heavy industries.

Stainless steel belt is these special processing steel products, they're often employed in various fields of heavy industry, for our life and production made a non-negligible contribution.

Post time: Dec-20-2021