Specification for performance and use of 304 stainless steel plate

1, chemical properties: 304 stainless steel plate chemical and electrochemical corrosion resistance in steel is the best, second only to titanium alloy.
2, physical properties: heat resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance (heat resistance not peeling) of high temperature stainless steel, but also low temperature resistance even ultra-low temperature.
3, mechanical properties: according to different types of stainless steel, mechanical properties are not the same, with high strength, hardness, good plasticity, strength is not high but good corrosion resistance, but also contains moderate mechanical properties, strength is not too high but oxidation resistance.
4, process performance: 304 stainless steel plate stainless steel process performance is the best, because the plastic is very good, can be processed as a variety of plate, tube and other profiles.
304 stainless steel plate is very widely used, but in the construction and installation of some details or to pay attention to, so we should pay attention to what? In order to facilitate your use and make better use of this product, the following article explains the installation specifications of 304 stainless steel plate in detail:
1, clean up the installation site of some decoration garbage, because the heavy decoration garbage may be placed in the site, waiting for the installation of 304 stainless steel plate caused serious damage.
2, construction personnel after entering the site to use special safety clothing, helmet and safety tools.
3, because of the particularity of 304 stainless steel plate, especially in the field to use gas welding, we must pay attention to protection, do not let Mars splash.
4, if you can set up a fire bucket below the welding, it is the best.
5, among the 304 stainless steel plate construction workers, there is a large part of smoking, especially to remind these workers, do not smoke at the scene, so as not to cause a fire.

Post time: Jan-10-2022