Specification for making stainless steel plate

Stainless steel plate is a common product in life, and consumer demand for stainless steel plate is also very large.  Stainless steel plate production process is not as complex as imagined, in accordance with the prescribed steps can be implemented.  In the process of production, workers need to pay special attention to their own safety, improper operation may lead to accidents.  

Wear rubber gloves for processing, which is the most important point, because in the process of processing, rubber gloves will be melted by the high temperature during processing, will lead to hand burns, in addition, glue solution dripping to the table, will also affect the normal processing work.  Clean the worktable to ensure that no impurities affect the normal operation of the workpiece.  Third: before welding should be thoroughly cleaned off the impurities above the electrode, such as: embroidery, water, etc., can not be interrupted in spot welding.  

During welding, do not touch the workpiece with your hands without any protective measures to avoid scalding your hands.  Welding work should be at least 1-2 professional staff to accompany, not one independent operation, in case of accidents.  Be sure to clean the worktable and workpiece after welding.  

After welding, remove the film should be surface washing, and use special stainless steel tools, the purpose is not to let the iron filings stick should be cleaned.  Stainless steel plate welding processing work can be said to be a relatively high-risk industry, so in the processing engineering must pay attention to, must not be careless, cause unnecessary damage, if an accident, because immediately stop processing for processing.  

Post time: Dec-28-2021