How to prolong the service life of stainless steel products?

With the development of economy, the use of stainless steel coil is more and more common, people in daily life and stainless steel products are closely related, but many people know little about the performance of stainless steel volume, that stainless steel is not rusty. In fact, stainless steel coils are very resistant to corrosion because they have a purifying film on the surface, which is found in nature as a more stable oxide. But stainless steel is according to the different conditions of use, the degree of oxidation is not the same, but will be oxidized, this phenomenon is usually called corrosion. Stainless steel products in appearance is the purification film corrosion resistance is weak parts, due to exposure to the corrosive environment, the metal surface electrochemical or chemical reaction, so as to form pitting imagination, the formation of small holes, coupled with the closure of aerobic ions, constitute a strong corrosive solution, accelerate the corrosion reaction rate.
In order to prolong the service life of stainless steel coil, star good steel summarized the following points:
1. Cleaning method
When cleaning the appearance of stainless steel rolls, we must pay attention not to attack the appearance of scratches, prevent the use of bleach and abrasive agents, steel wire balls, grinding tools, to remove detergent, rinse with water after cleaning the appearance.
2. How to deal with dust
Stainless steel coil appearance with dust and easy to remove dirt, can be soap, weak detergent, adhesive detergent composed of cleaning, with alcohol or organic solvents (ether, benzene) scrub.
3, grease
Stainless steel coil surface grease, oil smooth without oil, clean with a soft cloth, with neutral detergent or ammonia solution or special detergent cleaning.
4, acid corrosion
Stainless steel appearance with bleach and various acidic attachments, immediately rinse with water, then soak with ammonia solution or neutral sodium carbonate solution, rinse with neutral detergent or warm water.
5, rainbow pattern appearance
Stainless steel appearance rainbow lines, is too much detergent or oil, wash with warm water neutral detergent can be washed off.
6, rust
Corrosion caused by dirt on the surface of stainless steel coil can be cleaned with 10% nitric acid or abrasive or special detergent.

Post time: Jan-04-2022