How to distinguish the quality of stainless steel welded pipe?

As the steel market industry sunrise industry, many enterprises began to turn to stainless steel welded pipe trade industry, rapidly expand the occupation of the market, but the stainless steel welded pipe trade market development and growth at the same time its product quality is uneven, so what are the identification methods of stainless steel welded pipe quality?
It is well known that stainless steel welded pipe many properties are better than iron, the key point is that it is not easy to rust, low iron content. Someone put forward to identify stainless steel welding well is to use magnets. In fact, this method is not scientific, stainless steel welded pipe variety, normal temperature according to the organization structure can be divided into austenite and martensite or ferritic body shape. Usually used as decoration tube plate 304 stainless steel welded tube plate quality, generally speaking, is not magnetic, but because of smelting caused by chemical composition fluctuation or processing state may also appear magnetic, which can not be considered counterfeit or unqualified. 304 stainless steel welded pipe after cold processing, the martensite transformation is more likely to be magnetic.
Before selecting welded pipes, it must be determined that the material is up to standard, taking 304 as an example:
1. Price: if 304 stainless steel welded tube plate is lower than the market price of 301, it is likely to be fake.
2. Check whether "304" is stamped on the tube surface, and obtain the manufacturer's quality certificate as proof;
3. Acid reagent can be used to test, 30 seconds after the material 304 does not change color, 201 black;
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Post time: Dec-13-2021